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She thought she was Irish  until a DNA test opened a 100-year-old mystery - Washington Post

The sisters went back to the chromosome segment matching, both at 23andMe and Family Tree DNA, where they had also uploaded their genetic data. They bought at least 21 DNA test kits for themselves, relatives and strangers suspected of being relations. Plebuch found she and her siblings matched to 6,912 likely DNA relatives, with 311,467 “segment matches” among them — segments along the chromosomes that overlapped with those of the Collins children. Which is to say, 311,467 potential clues. The data they had kept on spreadsheets quickly became overwhelming, so their brother Jim, a retired software and systems engineer who had worked on NASA supercomputers, designed an iPad app called DNAMatch to help them and other seekers keep their data straight. Plebuch was determined and unusually well suited to the task of solving a puzzle hidden in big data. She and Wiggins searched this way for two and a half years. But she was having no luck finding someone closely related to her father’s biological family — they simply weren’t in the system. Perhaps they didn’t know about DNA testing, or couldn’t afford it, or weren’t interested.

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